Stretchability and adaptability

Technical performances and comfort, in one word: athleisure

Maglieria Gina’s new developments include a large range of products suitable for the new trend athleisure, in its wider meaning.

With our knits it is possible to manufacture comfortable garments for everyday activities, but also products studied for sport.

Outstanding within this range is our selection of scuba fabrics in gage 44 which has been created by the new generation of Maglieria Gina family, not forgetting about the traditional attention to quality.

Maglieria Gina’s scuba, offered in various weight and compositons (polyamide, polyester, cotton and modal), are the results of careful search for the perfect combination within sports performances and a smooth aspect.

Furthermore, some of our clean cut qualities have great elongation performances and enable to obtain perfect shaping garments without sacrificing comfort and softness.

Interlock with a close texture and a highly regular aspect, which give you the comfort of the circular knit but which don’t roll even if stressed.





finezza 44
This range is extended every season wit special development, studied to obtain comfortable garments suitable to follow all body moves.

Technical features

High elasticity for high performances
Texture and strength

Natural fibres